"16 years since my last childhood violin lesson, my passion to be a violinist has recently been unexpectedly revived. I needed a professional violin teacher who was not only a violinist but also a teacher capable of effectively enhancing my violin skills. Mr. Lawrence is the one! His teaching methods equip me with the useful tools and techniques, beneficial for boosting my skills. I can see the result in just 3 months after starting violin lessons with Mr. Lawrence. At the moment, I can feel the confidence towards pursuing my dream to be a violinist again." Ton S - Thai Judge

All about Lawrence - Professional Violinist

Welcome to my website. My name is Lawrence

Congratulations. Your search for a violin teacher, for violin lessons in Bangkok; is over!

If you are looking for violin lessons in Bangkok, from a highly qualified and experienced violin teacher; look no further.

"Music is the medicine of the future" - Lawrence


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my students Grade 8 Mark sheet and Certificate



"Lawrence is a violin teacher who can quickly and precisely diagnose any technical problems, when I'm playing my violin. He has guided me towards a solid orthodox method of practicing the violin. His vibrato practicing steps are unique, and easy to master. I'm very happy and lucky to have a teacher like Lawrence." Dr Jin Jiang

"I am very happy with Lawrence's thorough style of teaching. Eunice, my seven year old daughter, enjoys her violin lessons very much, and is making excellent progress, thanks to his expert guidance." Janet Chang

I am a graduate of the Guildhall School of Music in London; domiciled in Thailand, who now works as a violin teacher in Bangkok.

I am a seasoned violin professional with 40 years of teaching, orchestral, and session playing experience, in England.

I commenced teaching when I was 17 years old, and have taught over 5,000 students, of all ages from 4 to 80, in my long teaching career, with 100% ABRSM Exam success, in all grades 1-8. I also coach students for International Violin competitions, auditions, music scholarships, and Trinity Guildhall exams.

I have worked for the London and Birmingham Education Authorities in the UK, both as a violin specialist teacher, and also a class music teacher.

In addition, I have also taught in several independent schools, as well as simultaneously operating 3 successful violin teaching practices in the United Kingdom.

 Duet with an advanced student from France who has been playing the violin for 5 years.

Duet with an advanced student from France who has been playing the violin for 5 years.

I also fronted “Lawrence Violins” as a violin dealer/appraiser for 20 years, and am therefore well qualified to give advice on all aspects of the violin, including instrument appraisal, set up, and selection, for my students.

My teaching method is a well-honed hybrid, of various violin teaching methods, which I have successfully developed, adapted and improved, over a long teaching career.

I incorporate music theory into my lessons, from an early stage, so my students have a full musical understanding of what they are doing, and can seamlessly progress to the higher grades, if and when they so desire.

Children find my lessons entertaining, and have fun as they learn.

They take to playing the violin quite easily; in the same way that they will pick up a language, irrespective of its difficulty or complexity; of which they have no perception.

I also teach adults, and it is not unusual for a parent and her child, to BOTH have lessons - but beware - they may outshine you!

I encourage my students to consider taking ABRSM examinations, as they provide a valuable independently assessed yardstick, with which to measure their improving playing skills; acting as an incentive and inspiration, to progress further. There is absolutely no pressure for them to do so however, after all; music should be fun – not an ordeal.

If a student wishes to not take exams, so be it - that is fine by me.

Several of my past students are now professional musicians in their own right.

I love my work, and transmit my enthusiasm, to my inspired students, who invariably excel, as they want to please me!


Any age or standard accepted. Rate - THB 2,000 per hour. Lessons are delivered in the English Language. (See “Music Lesson Protocol” below)

Lawrence GGSM (London)

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Students (Unless adults), attend with a parent, or parents (Optional – but recommended); on a weekly basis.

Lessons are available virtually every week of the year, to include school holidays; if required.

Lessons are of 1 hour duration. This may be extended pro rata by prior arrangement.

Tuition fees are THB 2,000 per 60 minute lesson, paid on a lesson by lesson basis.

Cancellation or termination of lessons may be made by text message, at any time, not less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled lesson time.

In other words … for example …. if a student cannot attend a Saturday lesson; cancellation notice, should be received no later than the preceding Wednesday evening – or at the very latest … first thing Thursday morning – Not less than 48 hours prior to the booked lesson time.

If given NOTICE, is less than 48 hours, the lesson will be charged for, (irrespective of the reason for cancellation – including last minute sickness*), prior to the commencement of the next lesson.

*However; in such circumstances, as a gesture of goodwill; and in an attempt to offset any client perception of moral injustice, at the financial loss; I will always endeavour to accommodate a replacement session at a mutually convenient time, if the student can attend within 2 days of the date of the original lesson appointment.

This charging policy, on a mutually flexible reciprocal 48 hour contract cancellation basis, was adopted over 40 years ago, after experiencing regular last minute lesson cancellations … some of which were unfortunately, subsequently discovered to be bogus!

My teaching method is a well-honed hybrid, of various selected teaching techniques, which I have successfully developed, adapted and regularly ameliorated, over a long teaching career. It is individually customized to accommodate each individual student’s needs and aspirations. I incorporate music theory into my lessons, from an early stage. This ensures that my students receive a well-rounded comprehensive musical education, with total comprehension. It enables them to think for themselves, and seamlessly progress to higher levels.