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Student successes


"This section of “Musical News” is devoted to celebrating the ongoing successes of my talented dedicated students, whose achievements enrich all our lives." – Lawrence

Congratulations to Soochan Song - “Andy”, who achieved an exceptional result in his recent ABRSM Violin Grade 6 Examination and in so doing, outscored every other candidate in the November/December 2016 Session.

Yoochan Song “Andy”, Scanned Violin Exam Mark Sheet

Congratulations to Young 6 year old Patanin Pradubpongsa - “Jab” – a star of the future – who scored a high Merit in his recent ABRSM Violin Grade 1 Examination, after only 11 months of tuition.

Patanin Pradubpongsa “Jab”, Scanned Violin Exam Mark Sheet.

Congratulations to Pippa Phisuthikul who passed her recent ABRSM Grade 1 PIANO with Distinction.

Pippa Phisuthikul, Scanned Violin Exam Mark Sheet.

Congratulations to my student Flora Roy, who recently passed ABRSM Grade 6 Violin Exam with distinction.

Flora Roy Scanned Violin Exam Mark Sheet

Congratulations to Saika Muto, who achieved an exceptional result in her recent ABRSM Grade 3 Violin Examination, with a mark of 138, and in so doing, outscored every other candidate in the June/July 2015 Session.

This is an outstanding achievement, when one considers that a mark of 100 represents a Pass, 120 a Pass with Merit, and 130 a Pass with Distinction.

Saika Scanned Violin Exam Mark Sheet


Bangkok Student Strings Training Ensemble


Calling all parents of young string players aged 7-21, grades 1-8 standard, of ABRSM or Trinity Guildhall. Have fun as you develop new ensemble playing skills!

Your siblings are invited to gain valuable ensemble playing experience, by participating in weekly Sunday afternoon rehearsal sessions, for fun and musical advancement, under the expert guidance, of a Guildhall School of Music London graduate violin teacher of 40 years’ experience in the UK, now resident in Bangkok; who is keen to raise the string playing standards of Bangkok students, by providing this valuable training opportunity, which is presently not available in Bangkok on a regular basis.

For full details, please contact:-

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 081 363 3847 and leave a text message if the phone is not answered.


Message from Lawrence

Dear Parents.

I am very much aware of the fact that compared with the West; Bangkok is relatively speaking, a cultural musical desert, for young developing musicians.

There is sparse opportunity for young musicians to play together on a regular basis. Unlike in the West, there are no youth orchestras or training ensembles that rehearse regularly here in Bangkok, in which they can participate in enjoyable music making with their peers – having fun as they refine their ensemble playing skills and broaden their musical knowledge.

Performing in ensembles, and eventually in public; provides an invaluable learning experience for young developing musicians. It assists in elevating their musical skills, self-esteem and confidence, and provides an incentive for future musical advancement. It plugs this musical gap, providing young musicians with invaluable playing experience.

We cover an eclectic musical repertoire, playing classical, folk, film and popular music.


“Bangkok Student Strings”

We presently rehearse on Sunday afternoons in my home studio, in Phattanakn Soi 20 Yak 6/2 10250.

Students arrive at 2pm and leave at 4 pm.

Timetable is as follows:-
Arrive 2-00pm
Commence rehearsing at 2-10pm – 2-55
10 minute break
3-05 – 3-50 second rehearsal
Depart at 4-00

The young musicians receive a musically valuable, 90 minutes weekly string ensemble training session.

The first trial session is free. Subsequently, a modest charge of THB 500 per rehearsal, is payable.

There is no other expense, as I personally source, and arrange suitable music material, which is always provided free of charge.

I realize that it is impossible to choose an ideal time that suits everyone; and I fully appreciate, that there may be occasions when students are unable to attend, for logistical, or personal reasons; however if they are able to participate in at least 80% of the sessions, that will suffice.

Although this is primarily a training ensemble; the long term plan is to make public performances, both at my occasional student concerts; and invitational events, throughout the year.

I look forward to hearing from any potential interested parties who may wish to participate in this musically rewarding adventure.


Very Best Regards


Virtuoso Violin 2017

Virtuoso Violin 2017

On Thursday, March 2, 2017 - 7:30 p.m. at Central Embassy